Amazon’s brilliant power play: Kindle Fire

The new Kindle Fire, with the Silk browser.

Jeff Bezos, quoted in the NY Times, said about Amazon’s new tablet “Part of the Kindle Fire is of course the hardware, but really, it’s the software, the content, it’s the seamless integration of those things.”

Well, actually, it’s about Amazon’s new lightweight Silk browser, which is about to give them amazingly complete, detailed information about users. Privacy concerns? You betcha. Actionable consumer insights? Billions of dollars worth if this takes off the way other Kindle products have.

I could try to explain, but Apple engineer Chris Espinosa, has already done so in brilliant fashion on his Posterous.

Remember when pundits routinely dismissed Bezos for building a big ecommerce company that didn’t make money? I do. He’s looking pretty damn smart now.


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