Preparing journalists for irrelevance

Classes in magazine production?  Really?  It seems the top j-schools are  doing a decent job of preparing students for a very different media landscape.  Columbia, Stanford, Harvard are all tackling the future of the media in exciting ways. But what about the remaining 95% of schools?  A completely unscientific survey of curricula from 10 or so schools of journalism in the U.S.  makes me feel sorry for thousands of students innocently believing they are preparing themselves for a rewarding journalism career by spending hours learning utterly irrelevant skills.

Best advice to those who to aspire to a glamorous career in print media?  Don’t put yourself (or your parents) deep into debt based on a hazy concept of an industry mainly gleaned from TV and movies.  Actually talk to some people who are doing it for real, or even aggressively pursue an internship to see it from the inside.

For those of you who have already gone through J-school and possess media skills of use in the 21st century, you might want to read a little about how (not) to get a journalism job.


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